Maintenance Technician

Our Maintenance Technicians make sure that equipment runs smoothly, as well as completing building maintenance tasks.  This may include machine repair or preventative and emergency maintenance.

Top candidates have at least 5-years’ experience in industrial building maintenance, plumbing, hydraulic installation and repair, electrical repair and wiring. Also preferred: good fabrication skills to include welding, machining, woodworking, sheet metal, etc.

Physical Requirements

Lift up to 70 lbs. Stand and bend for extended periods. Grip strength adequate to hold and form fabric materials into molds. Good finger & wrist dexterity. Ability to grasp hand tools, such as box knives, and apply moderate pressure while cutting fabric. Ability to use plastic wedges, and other hand tools to apply moderate pressure while conforming self-adhesive fabric materials into corners and other tool features. Ability to use scissors to cut heavy fabric materials. Ability to operate vibratory equipment such as orbital sanders and impact wrenches. No chronic dermatitis or sensitization to epoxy resins, fiberglass, graphite fiber or contact adhesives. Good eyesight or corrective lenses, good hearing or corrective aids.

EOE-race/gender/veteran/disabled/sexual orientation/gender identity